Something To Twist And Shout About: The Beatles Story This February From Rebellion

by Olly MacNamee

Coming this February form Rebellion (2000AD) and for the first time back in print since it’s initial 1981 debut is the very first graphic novel adaption of The Beatles story. Illustrated by Arthur Ransom (Judge Anderson, Button Man) form an Angus Alan script, this newly minted album collects together the original strips from UK kids’ magazine, Look In, a comic/magazine hybrid fondly remembered by many a grown adult nowadays, with its eclectic mix of strips based on popular TV shows, pull out posters of your favourite bands and other such fare.

It includes fascinating insights into Paul McCartney and John Lennon’s first encounter, their early gigs in Hamburg’s Kaiser Keller, through to the recording of the legendary Abbey Road album and the band’s break-up. First published in the pages of legendary UK youth magazine Look In, this beautifully illustrated account is a treat for both the devoted Beatles admirer and new fans alike.

Available on February 22nd, 2018 both in the UK and in the USA, it’s priced at £12.99/$17.99.

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