Murder Mystery Unfolds As Grass Kings #9 Examines A Suspect

by Hannah Means Shannon

Grass Kings has been unrolling its murder-mystery storytelling DNA this arc after the big old showdown with the outside world in its initial storyline. Now, we’re trying to unravel the events of the past and the work of a possible serial killer in the small, off-the-grid community of the Grass Kingdom.

Written by Matt Kindt, illustrated by Tyler Jenkins,  with colors by Hilary Jenkins, and letters by Jim Campbell, this story has followed its own pace deep into characterization and interesting ideas about the ways in which geography and past history linger and affect the present day.

Can you find justice in self-rule? What if the murderer is simply too good at hiding as a supportive member of the commune? This week, in issue #9, we start examining the life and background of a major member of the community, who’s been with us since the beginning. He’s the silent type, but does that mean he has something to hide?

[Retailer incentive cover by Paul Maybury]

Check out a preview of this week’s release, and pick it up today in shops from Boom! Studios:

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