Frank Quitely & John Cassaday Create Variants For Morrison & Mora’s Klaus This December

by Hannah Means Shannon

Boom! Studios has announced that some all-star variant cover artists will be joining the team on Grant Morrison and Dan Mora’s Klaus and the Crisis in XMasville.
Frank Quitely and John Cassaday will bring the holiday mood to the return of Klaus, a new chapter in the story that looks into Santa Claus’s origin as a pagan mythological and folklore being in an oversized one-shot. This is actually the first time Quitely has done a cover for Boom! Studios, too.

In Klaus and the Crisis in XMasville, an evil Santa from an alternate dimension (because of course that’s a thing) has founded a soda corporation (sounds familiar) that uses Christmas and holiday cheer as a marketing tactic (more nodding) to build their fortunes. And as we might surmise, only Klaus can defeat the “Pola-Cola Corp.” and the “zombie-like Santas” being ruled over by bad Santa.

This is nothing if not recognizable to our marketing-based holiday celebrations, and as Morrison has always had plenty to say about brand and logos as powerful totems, this looks like it’ll be a fun commentary on those subjects, too.
Boom! Studios EIC Matt Gagnon says:

This newest KLAUS one-shot may be our most beautiful issue yet. Dan is blowing us away with lush watercolor sequences and we have two industry greats—Frank Quitely and John Cassaday, respectively—joining the party to provide gorgeous covers. This annual tradition is becoming one of our favorite ways to ring in the holidays.

Boom says that for this special, artist Dan Mora uses a variety of new techniques, including traditional watercolor, for the first time.
The print copies of this comic will arrive in shops on December 6th, 2017 at local comic book shops or at the Boom! Studios webstore. Final orders are due from retailers by November 13th, so get your orders in soon!

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