New Doomsday Clock #1 Video – The American Nightmare As Ozymandias’s Plans Are Uncovered

by Olly MacNamee

In a video just posted on the DC webpage, Geoff Johns invites readers to a behind the scenes look at Doomsday Clock #1 and some of his thoughts behind it all.
On why he starts the story in the Watchmen universe:
“Because of the context of the whole story, because of the context of the world,” and the God’s eye point if view offered by the opening page of both the original Watchmen series and the new series; to challenge this view.
The Watchmen world has been abandoned by their god, Mr. Manhattan, and what he’s left behind ain’t pretty. Talk about an absentee landlord. Those teaser images suddenly seem to make more sense when discussed by Johns as he talk us through the first 6 pages of this highly anticipated series.
Although, some of you will definitely find this *spoiler territory* so be warned if you do watch this video.
It’s a comic Johns wants you to re-read, as with the original series, it promises to be multi-layered. I love nothing better than to be challenged as a reader, and the original, seminal comic series certainly did that. So, look out for my review on the day of its release.
You can see the whole thing right here, with some new artwork revealed too, and pick up issue #1 next Wednesday, the 22nd of November.
And, if you so with, you can even join in with the hunt for clues that DC have already started.

Doomsday Clock #1 is out Wednesday 22nd November. See you at the shelves!

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