Documentary Warren Ellis: Captured Ghosts Will Haunt You!

by Tito W. James

“If you want to read 300 superhero comics a month, then you are sick and you need medical help.
Rip from their steaming corpses the things that let superhero comics dominate the medium–the mad energy, the astonishing visuals, the fetishism—and apply them to the telling of other stories in other genres.”—-Warren Ellis

After my review of Grant Morrison: Talking with Gods I was recommended to watch Warren Ellis: Captured Ghosts. Ellis’ cameos in Talking With Gods were some of my favorite bits so I was eager to check out an exclusively Ellis-focused documentary.
At times dark and existential, and at other times hilarious–this documentary about Warren Ellis delivers. Ellis is a (self-proclaimed) character that’s hard not to like. He doesn’t take crap from anyone and dishes it out in kind.
If you wanted to see what a real life Rick Sanchez would look like, look no further than Warren Ellis.
You can find out more about Respect Films and how to purchase the documentary here.

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