Mark Millar To Plough Netflix Money Back Into His Community And Create New Housing

by Olly MacNamee

Here’s a great story that’s worth sharing in a world where it is more common for big business and multi-millionaire celebrities to avoid tax as aggressively as possible, while all the time turning up on charity shows begging us for our money!
A new story seems to drop everyday about celebrities, like Bono from U2 not paying what they should, and could (certainly one of the biggest hypocrites when it comes to supporting charities that may not need to even exist if he paid his way, rather than us to pay up for his short arms and long pockets) but not Mark Millar.
No sir. Millar has, for a while now, quietly gone about investing in the community he grew up in–Townhead, in Scotland–and a community like so many others North of London, that are devoid of funds and public coffers as we continue to pay for a bunch of greedy bankers breaking capitalism.
So, with some of that Netflix money he has recently achieved, he is intending to build 30 houses through his Millar Foundation, according to Scotland’s Daily Record over this past weekend.

In the new year, his trust, the Millar Foundation, will begin the process of developing brownfield sites for family homes. Money from the first sales will be put into more building and community activities.

Millar himself is reported as saying about his ambitious plans:

Instead of just giving a one-off donation, I wanted to make an investment and do something which will have a lasting effect in Townhead.
Every time a house is built, the profit goes into the community and the initial investment goes into the housing programme.
I have worked all over the world, but Townhead will always be home and I want to give something back.

And, while he spends some of his time in LA these days, he always goes back to his roots on a regular basis. Talk about keeping your feet firmly planted on the ground. And, I dare say, his mates will do a good job of that too, if my experience of Scottish ribbing is anything to go by.

My pals and long-lasting relationships were built there and I will always have close connections with the area. And anyway, I’d rather be doing this than hanging around with the likes of Simon Cowell!

Progressive, sustainable and expansive. Mark Millar putting his money to good use.
Bono, are you even listening?

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