5 Point Discussions – Black Clover Episode 8: “Go! Go! First Mission”

by Sage Ashford

The new members of Black Clover go on their first mission!  But are they in deep trouble already? Remember, if you like this article and 5 Point Discussions, please share it on Facebook or Twitter! It really helps. And if you’ve got any comments or questions, please hit me up @SageShinigami.
1. As the new member of the team, Asta is forced (or possibly tricked) into being the squad bitch. He does the entire group’s laundry, he mops the floors, and he feeds Captain Yami’s ridiculous “pets” that attempt to eat him every day before waking up the Captain himself. Basically, he’s still doing most of the same junk he was before he became a Magic Knights, which is simultaneously sad and hilarious. So much training was done in order for him to reach this level, only for him to wind up in the same inescapable purgatory that is “household chores” as before. This is largely filler, but it’s kinda funny so I’ll let it slide. It’s also not terribly out of line with what young recruits in Japanese organizations wind up doing anyway, so at least it’s semi-accurate? Still, if you’re wondering why Asta’s doing all the work when there are actually TWO recruits, well…

So there’s that. This week’s episode kind of pushed Noelle’s tsundere ojou-sama gag quite a bit, with her constantly being condescending towards a group that’s been nothing but nice to her. I get that it’s “her character”, but her character is being a terrible person right now and I wish she weren’t so central to the plot.
2. Of course, once Asta realizes he’s basically still doing orphanage work just with a different title, it forces him to ask exactly what a Magic Knight does. Because he never really thought about what the work entailed, he just heard it was the quickest way to achieve his goals and went with that. The PROPER definition of a Magic Knight is someone who does security work and protects the nation from outer threats, but other members of the Black Bulls see it differently. Most of the answers are pretty hilarious, and highlight the quirkiness of this guild, but I think my favorites are Finral’s:

And Marie’s:

I’ve done worse for food.
3. This episode is JAM PACKED with filler. I don’t so much mind that they showed Asta’s life around the castle before he finally got his first mission, as that’s logical progression to develop our protagonist. But I DO mind that they dragged out exactly how Asta and Noelle go on their first mission, which basically entails Yami and Magna gambling everything they owned away to the mayor of a village in the sticks. It’s a funny scene that helps you realize just how irresponsible Captain Yami is and understand why the Black Bulls are always consistently coming in last place in the magic guild rankings, but it’s also responsible for helping slow the pace of this series to an absolute crawl. We couldn’t even get through the chapter this episode’s named after.
4. Sometimes I can’t help wondering about the language barrier between English and Japanese, and whether or not certain things get named what they do on purpose. Their mission takes them to the mayor’s home, Saussy Village, and I keep wondering if that name’s because they have fire-breathing boars and that’s kinda saucy, or if they maybe cook really good spaghetti sauce.
Still, before the team can actually arrive we get a bit more filler of the villains getting there first, drenching the village in mist as they try to look for a magic stone. I bounce back and forth between being pissed about Black Clover’s filler or not, since it’s all technically stuff that either would have happened or should have happened–the source material just shows the village already under siege by this mystery group.
5. Next Episode: Our heroes arrive to Saussy Village, but are they too late to save a place that’s already been marked for extinction??
Seriously, this is where I’m really hoping Studio Pierrot is willing to speed up the adaptation. This is our first serious battle scene, so if they don’t nail the pacing the next several episodes are going to be incredibly boring. If they get it right though, maybe people will see why this series became popular enough for people to pronounce it the New King of Shonen.
Black Clover is available for streaming on Hulu and Crunchyroll.

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