Wilson Bethel To Join Daredevil Season 3 In Prominent Role

by Erik Amaya


Variety reports that Hearts of Dixie alum Wilson Bethel will join the cast of Daredevil in its third season as a series regular.
While the identity of the role has not been disclosed, the site speculates he may be playing a former S.H.I.E.L.D. agent and experimental supersoldier serum recipient known as the Sin-Eater. Created by Peter David and Rich Buckler in 1985, the character — at least the first Sin-Eater — was mainly a Spider-Man antagonist; though one of his victims was an ally of Matt Murdoch. But Marvel’s New York is a strange place where characters take on new forms all the time.
As Variety points out, the similarity in origin to supersolider Frank “Nuke” Simpson may indicate a switcheroo as Simpson already exists in the form of Will Simpson on Jessica Jones and may not be available for the presumed adaptation of the “Born Again” story line.
Of course, even the assumption about “Born Again” is based on a Defenders stinger scene introducing someone from Matt’s past. It remains to be seen if the show will be faithful to the story or try something different with some of its character.
Either way, Bethel will be a constant presence on the show when it returns next year.

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