A Monster Standoff – Betrayals And Ethics In Kaijumax #5

by Hannah Means Shannon

Kaijumax has been stomping through its third arc at Oni Press, and showing page after page what an amazing storyteller Zander Cannon is.

In the fifth issue, which arrives this week, we’re going to see some big shake ups. And plenty of monsters, of course.
Oni Press say:

Under the new leadership of Hellmoth, members of the Cryptid Supremacist gang doggedly seek to uncover the identity of the one who turned state’s evidence, while the Creature from Devil’s Creek comes to understand how hollow the warden’s promise of witness protection really was. The compromised prison physician Dr. Zhang has finally escaped all suspicion for sneaking in contraband uranium, and life for her and her inmate paramour Zonn has gotten much calmer… perhaps too calm. Also: Ethical quandaries! Classic evil spirit banishment! An ill-considered attack! And… “You and me, let’s take a walk.”

Here’s our close up look at this week’s new issue:

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