Saving London From Ghosts And Monsters: Shiver Bureau From Walt Ostlie And Scout Comics

by Hannah Means Shannon

If you follow Walt Ostlie on social media, you may have been waiting for Shiver Bureau to come to comic shops, having seen teaser images and development updates.
Both written and illustrated by Ostlie, Shiver Bureau is a described as “a cross between Sherlock Holmes and Ghostbusters“, and follows a detective who is forced to be partners with a “wise-cracking, hotshot inspector” in order to save London from ghosts and monsters.

We’re promised “gangs, ghosts, dockside mafia” and a “giant monster” in the first issue alone, as the detective and inspector search for some missing orphans.
Shiver Bureau #1 is set to arrive in comic shops from Scout Comics on Feb 28, 2018.

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