No More Warm Hugs: Should Disney’s Latest Olaf Tale Have Been Pulled From Pixar’s Coco?

by Christine Marie Attardo

With the wild success of Disney’s Frozenfans were super excited to see the new holiday short in front of Pixar’s CocoIt was announced a few days ago, that the short, Olaf’s Frozen Adventure would be pulled from theaters. Strange, yes?
The general consensus is the short isn’t quite that short. It’s a full twenty minutes, and that’s on top of the regular previews.
GameSpot shared:

some audiences were waiting up to 40 minutes for Coco to begin. In addition, while Pixar movies are often preceded by short films, Olaf’s Frozen Adventure is not a Pixar film. It was originally intended to be an ABC TV special, before the decision was made to release it alongside Coco.

In my opinion, I think they should have kept it as an ABC TV special. My interest in seeing Coco in theaters really wasn’t there and this was in fact the only reason I might have gone to see it. Now it seems the Frozen short will be pulled from theaters on December 8th.
I can totally understand that 40 minutes of things to watch before you see the movie is ridiculous, but I’m not sure how all fans will feel. What do you think? Should Disney keep Olaf’s Frozen Adventure in theaters?

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