New Rick & Morty One-Shots To Explore Side-Characters, Including ‘The Vindicators’

by Hannah Means Shannon

Oni Press have announced that they’ll be releasing a series of Rick and Morty one-shots coming up, each 40 pages in lenght, and each containing “secret stories and hidden pasts” for the characters. In particular, we’ll see a different “side character” in each issue.

These new one-shots will include The Vindicators written by J. Torres (#1), Krombopulos Michael written by Mallory Ortberg (#2), Sleepy Gary written by Mags Visaggio (#3), and Pickle Rick and Jaguar written by Delilah Dawson (#4). All issues will be illustrated by CJ Cannon, colored by Nick Filardi, and lettered by Crank!

In the first one-shot, Rick and Morty Presents: The Vindicators, J. Torres (Teen Titans Go!, The Mighty Zodiac) teams up with CJ Cannon and Nick Filardi (Heartthrob, Cave Carson has a Cybernetic Eye) to explore the “twisted and bombastic history” of The Vindicators in an “all-out superhero comics extravaganza”, according to Oni.

The superhero team are going to travel through dimensions to recruit other heroes to defeat a villain whom they created. An alternate issue #1 cover will be by Caitlin Rose Boyle (Jonesy).

Torres comments on this new story:

I love the Rick and Morty™ cartoon. The Vindicators episode was my favourite of the past season, and I love the superhero genre, so this send-up was a blast to write!

CJ Cannon says:

Long before Rick and Morty™ even aired, a friend of mine showed me Doc and Mharti. It’s been my jam ever since. So I feel very fortunate to be able to work on the comics.

Rick and Morty Presents: The Vindicators is scheduled for release March 7, 2018, with the following one-shots releasing in June, September, and November 2018.

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