Assassins Take Down The Mob In Dark Corridor TPB From Image This Month

by Staff

Cartoonist Rich Tommaso has brought us She Wolf, and soon Spy Seal, from Image Comics, but before that be published the dark noir anthology series Dark Corridor in 7 issues with Image. That series is soon to arrive in collection as a TPB on June 22nd. It flew under my radar, so it may well have flown under yours.

The original series presented the serialized form of several concurrently running stories written and drawn by Tommaso. Always lavish, harking back to various comic traditions in art style and literary and film traditions in tone, the series was also surprising, often taking brutal twists and turns and reminding us how hard it can be to really “know” a character’s motivations.
All the stories in the series are set in the city of Red Circle, a city dominated by the mob. When a group of assassins starts to wipe out the mob and try to change things, violence escalates and the mob families start to tear each other apart. But that’s really only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to moody, interesting Dark Corridor.
Here’s a look at some interior art on the original series:

Make sure to look out for this worthy and beautiful trade collection when it arrives on June 22nd, 2017.

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