More Secrets Come To Light As Shelly And Maria Go Rogue In Grass Kings #10

by Brendan M. Allen

Shelly’s mysterious past is revealed as she and Maria explore the Kingdom.

Chapter 9 of Grass Kings revealed the existence of the Satellite Sisters, who have a very Big Brother setup going on. They apparently have all of Grass Kingdom wired for audio, except they mostly steer clear of people’s homes. Mostly. If anyone in the Kingdom has a line on what happened to Ms. Handel, it’ll be these two. Youngsters Ashur and Pinball overheard a conversation between Johann and Pike and decided to go all Frank and Joe Hardy, enlisting the help of the sisters.

Grass Kings #10 picks up right where #9 left off. King Robert has to handle a delicate situation. Ashur secretly delivered a juicy tape that he stole from the sisters. It has Archie (Pinball’s dad) and Ms. Handel’s name on it, and contains a recording of the two of them talking about a secret meetup.

Confronting Archie or pushing him too hard over the tape could bring down the delicate balance in Grass Kingdom. Admitting the source of his information would force King Robert to reveal the extent of surveillance within the Kingdom and break down any trust he has built. While he’s trying to sort it, Maria goes rogue and enlists Shelly to try to sort it on their own.

Matt Kindt is developing something really special here. The first arc was fantastic, establishing the dynamic between The Kingdom, the Grass Kings, and the surrounding community, ending in a huge redneck firefight.
Now, it turns out there’s so much more going on than meets the eye. Decades old murder mystery? Hey, let’s explore that. Crazy misogynistic sheriff? Tell me more. Secret high-tech paramilitary operation on the island? Yes. Let’s have some of that as well.

Art by Tyler Jenkins still surprises me with every installment. Jenkins’ sketchy pencils have an almost impressionist quality, but somehow bring just the right amount of detail and expression to the page. I honestly wouldn’t have chosen this style, but it works so well I can’t imagine anyone else pulling art on Grass Kings.

Grass Kings is consistently delivering one of the most unique and visually pleasing stories in my pull list. The story has insane potential to take off in several different directions. Kindt and co. do an excellent job keeping things all twisty and dark and weird. There’s no telling what the next big reveal will be or what direction it’ll hit us from.



Grass Kings #10, published by Boom! Studios, released 13 December 2017. Created by Matt Kindt (script) and Tyler Jenkins (art/cover), with colors by Hilary Jenkins, variant covers available by Matt Kindt and Artyom Trakhanov.

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