Aliens Christmas Song Emerges Thanks To Star Carrie Henn

by Erik Amaya

Who says Aliens don’t know the spirit of Christmas?
Aliens co-star Carrie Henn recently posted a Christmas song she and some of the film’s assistant directors concocted during production of the 1986 film. “I couldn’t believe no one was going to decorate at Christmas,” she wrote in the accompanying Tweet. “So I made decorations for hallways and outside my dressing room.” The spirit was clearly infections, as seen in the photo of cast and crew gathered round to sing an Aliens style version of “The 12 Days of Christmas.”

My favorite line is “five useless things,” which typifies so much of the equipment the Colonial Marines use in the film.
Henn, an American living in the UK at the time director James Cameron was casting the film, was chosen after an exhaustive search for a child actor who could convey the post-traumatic stress of young girl evading bio-mechanical death. As producer Gale Anne Hurd later recalled, every other child they saw was trained to appear in commercials and would reflexively smile after reciting lines like “They’re dead, all right? Can I go now?”
Nonetheless, its clear some levity was still required on the sometimes grueling production.
(h/t: Bloody Disgusting)

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