Peter Capaldi’s TARDIS Struck For The Last Time In Time Lapse Video

by Erik Amaya

In one of the sadder looks back at television in 2017, the official Doctor Who YouTube account added this time lapse video of Peter Capaldi’s TARDIS set being struck. Presumably, this is will be the last viewers will see of that console room as it will likely be redesigned for incoming star Jodie Whittaker and executive producer/showrunner Chris Chibnall.

In the modern series, reinventing the Doctor, TARDIS interior and even the sonic screwdriver has been the prerogative of the producer. Steven Moffat opted to redesign all three when he took over the show in 2010. The gold and reflective TARDIS interior his team built for Matt Smith’s first year proved difficult to shoot on, so a darker console room was devised a year-and-a-half later. When Peter Capaldi took over as the Doctor, the set was redressed and repainted to reflect the new personality of the Doctor, but pretty much stayed the same.
And since there’s no rule saying the TARDIS console room must change, it is possible Chibnall will retain the basic look with a handful of modification. I hope the go that route as it really is a wonderful set. It both conveys the massive interior of the TARDIS and the cool alien presence of the Doctor.
Alternatively, they could use the recreated original TARDIS console room set built for this year’s Christmas special, “Twice Upon a Time.” In another video, Moffat and guest star Mark Gatiss discuss the thrill of working on that set while former co-star Pearl Mackie also offers her approval of its mid-60s charm.

Doctor Who will return in 2018.

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