Jumping Between Worlds Sparks A New Quest In Red Sonja #12

by Hannah Means Shannon

This week, Red Sonja has returned for a 12th issue from Dynamite, written by Amy Chu and Erik Burnham, and illustrated by Carlos Gomez.
Covers this week are by Ben Caldwell, Juan Doe, Pia Guerra, and Andre Lima Araujo:

Issue #12 sees Sonja leaving “a world of fast motorcycles and cold beer”, for a world of “swords and magic and mead”. Once on more familiar turf, she hears of strange magic at work in this land, and someone seeking to hire people for a dangerous job. Things seem off and Sonja sets out to investigate.
Here’s a look at this week’s Red Sonja #12:

Red Sonja #12 is currently in shops from Dynamite Entertainment.

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