Game Of Thrones’ Hannah Waddingham To Accuse Syfy’s Krypton Of Shame In Recurring Role

by Erik Amaya


Hannah Waddingham may be best known to genre fans as Game of Thrones‘ Septa Unella, the servant of the Seven who accompanied Drunk Queen Cersei (Lena Heady) on her walk of shame. In fact, she rang the bell and shouted the word “shame” throughout Cersei’s stroll to the Red Keep. And now it seems she will continue to embody ideological purity as Deadline reports that the actor will recur on Syfy’s upcoming Superman prequel series Krypton in the role of radical Black Zero leader Jax-Ur.
The character, created by Otto Binder and George Papp, was Krypton’s greatest criminal; destroying one of its inhabited moons. Though generally confined to the Phantom Zone, Jax-Ur was often seen plotting with Zod and Faora in the Pre-Crisis days. His final appearance in that era actually saw him helping Superman to defeat Black Zero.
Jax-Ur also appeared in various Superman film and TV projects. The most recent was Man of Steel, where he was played by Mackenzie Gray.
In a break with convention, Waddingham will represent the first time Jax-Ur has been depicted as female, but one imagines her ultimate aims — and greatest crime — will remain the same. But will it also draw the attention of Brainiac (Blake Ritson), as it did in Jax-Ur’s key Post-Crisis appearance?
Krypton debuts March 21st on Syfy.

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