Gravetrancers #2 Takes Macabre Psychedelic Horror Further Into The Catacombs

by Hannah Means Shannon

If you’re new to the party, let us put Gravetrancers on your radar: it’s a new psychedelic horror series being published by Black Mask Studios, and it’s deeply macabre. You can’t get much darker than psychedelic drugs grown from the corpses of the dead acting as the center of a cult.

In this issue, we meet some new characters beyond our initial brother-sister duo investigating the grave of their late, estranged father.
Now, after the harrowing discoveries of issue #1, an interrupted 911 call leads rookie cop Elena Veloz to the Burwood Memorial Park where she “uncovers some of the Malort Family’s darkest secrets”. Meanwhile, we’re going to explore the “vast catacombs” beneath the cemetery, and encounter “demons both real and psychotropic”.
That’s quite a wild ride.
Gravetrancers is written by Mark L. Miller, illustrated by James Michael Whynot, colored by Dee Cunniffe, and lettered by Jim Campbell.
Here’s our preview of Gravetrancers #2, out this Wednesday, January 31st, 2018, from Black Mask:

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