After 7 Seasons Once Upon A Time Is Coming To An End

by Christine Marie Attardo

Now a days it’s not unusual for a show to run for many, many seasons. In fact, I feel like there are more shows out there that go on way longer than they should, and inevitably lose their flare. This week brought news of an ABC show that has been pleasing fans for many years. Yes, season 7 of Once Upon a Time will indeed be its last.
A statement from half of the creation duo, Adam Horowitz, thanked fans with an inspiring message:

I was a fan of Once Upon a Time for six out of the seven seasons that have aired. I think the drastic changes that they made to the story during this current season led to the ultimate demise of the show. Of course, they weren’t left too much choice when half of the cast dropped off, leaving them with three out of about ten main characters to play with. Granted, I can’t give my full opinion on season 7 so far because I couldn’t make it through the first episode. Perhaps this isn’t the reason why the show is coming to an end. Maybe the creators realized that enough is simply enough.
Thankfully, that won’t change how many amazing memories come from Once Upon a Time. The gripping twists on fairy tales we all know and love always managed to surprise and hook me.

I do hope that the series ends on a positive note for most fans. Overall, I think it’s safe to say that this will still be a great show to go back and binge from the beginning when it’s all streaming on Netflix.

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