Colonialism And Transcendence: Robert Silverberg’s Downwards To The Earth From Humanoids

by Olly MacNamee

Based on Robert Silverberg’s bestselling Sci-Fi novel about the effects of colonialism and the quest for transcendence, Downwards To Earth comes out next week, Wednesday, the 14th of  February from Humanoids. Adapted by Philippe Thirault with art provided by Laura Zuccheri, Humanoids describe the book thus:

Ex-lieutenant Eddie Gundersen returns to Belzagor, where he had left behind his youthful illusions, the love of his life and his shameful past as a colonizer. He finds the planet returned to its two intelligent species: the Nildoror and the Sulidoror. Taking the lead on a scientific expedition to the borders of the indigenous lands, Gundersen must face his own demons and settle the score with a planet which still has hidden secrets.

And here’s our preview of some beautiful interior art:

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