Applications Are Open For New Drawn & Quarterly Publishing Fellowship

by Hannah Means Shannon

Publisher Drawn & Quarterly have announced a Publishing Fellowship with applications now open for those interested, with a launch date of Summer 2018.
The Publishing Fellowship will focus on “all facets of the book business: editorial; production and design; marketing and sales; and retail”. The paid position will be in the company’s Mile-Ex office in Montreal, Monday through Thursday, 32 hours a week, 9:30-5:30.
The fellowship will now be offered biannually: a winter fellow (mid-January through mid-June) with an application deadline of October 1; and a summer fellow (mid-July through mid-November) with an application deadline of March 1. The fellow will interact with all departments and be invited to sit in on meetings.
D&Q won’t be able to provide costs for moving expenses, but invite applications for Summer of 2018 and “encourage people of all backgrounds to apply, including people of color, immigrants, LGBTQ+, people with disabilities, women, and those with diverse life experiences”.
Here are the complete formal requirements to apply as released by D&Q:
Applicants must read and be fans of contemporary comics and literature of their own volition and understand who D+Q is, as well as its peers, and their place within both the international comics community as well as the North American publishing landscape.  
Applicants must be Canadian citizens; permanent residents; or have an existing post-grad work permit—we are unable to consider anyone who does not fall into these three categories as we are unable to sponsor visas.
Candidates will be recent graduates (within a year) who have earned undergraduate or graduate degrees or certificates in, but not limited to: graphic design; publishing; literature; marketing; or media. Applicants without degrees or higher education but who have work experience of four years or less in book retailing and/or micro- and self-publishing will be happily considered.
Applicants must be professional, punctual, and detail-oriented and possess a team-oriented business acumen. Knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite, French, Japanese, or Korean is an asset.
Please send a cover letter and CV to with your name in the subject and “D+Q Fellowship” and which season. IE “Marlys Mullen, D+Q Fellow Summer 2018.”

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