Blood And Mayhem Fill The Streets Of Puerto Peñasco In Deadly Class #33

by James Ferguson

The battle continues on the streets of Puerto Peñasco as some students of Kings Dominion run for their lives. They’re surrounded by enemies including Yakuza, corrupt cops, and even other students. Meanwhile, the true depth of Saya’s familial problems is revealed in a brutal nature.

Deadly Class #33 is packed to the brim with story. It’s a healthy mix of character development and good old-fashioned action. Nearly every character gets at least a couple pages to shine and shine they do. There’s not a dull moment in this issue.
Let’s start with Saya, who is being held captive by her brother in a sick revenge play. He’s tired of being out-shined by his little sister and is determined to tear her life apart, bringing inescapable shame to her. He knows that she didn’t really kill Marcus and if he can reveal that to the world, Saya’s accolades will be stripped away and he’ll be praised.

This opening scene is chilling as Saya’s brother walks around her, taunting her with her own sword. She’s powerless to do anything about it as she’s chained in the center of the room. That doesn’t mean she’s given up though. Saya is still a fighter and her brother may just push her over the edge with this.
The continued battle between Marcus and Victor is just as vicious as ever. Artist Wes Craig zooms in on the action with close-up shots of different blows, each highlighted by a translucent sound effect covering the entire panel. There is so much blood and carnage surrounding these two. You can practically feel each punch and kick as it lands in bone-crunching fashion. These two guys loathe one another so it’s clear that only one of them is going to walk away from this fight.

Amid all the chaos of the city, Zenzele reveals her origin story and what led her to Kings Dominion. It’s a heartbreaking tale and shows why she’s so conflicted about her role as an assassin. Craig illustrates this flashback scene in gorgeous red-hued water colors. This gives the pages a nice memory-like effect. The red tinge works with the violent nature of Zenzele’s past, contrasting well with the dark imagery of her present.

I almost don’t know what else to say about Deadly Class. This comic never disappoints. It always delivers jaw-dropping artwork and brilliant stories. Everything that’s happened over the course of the series has built up to this epic showdown and it is delivering on all counts. If you are not already reading this, you are missing out big time.
Deadly Class #33 is currently available at your local comic shop and digitally through ComiXology and Amazon Kindle.

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