Outrun Snipers In Survival Fetish #1 From Kindlon, Fuso & Black Mask Studios

by Hannah Means Shannon

This week sees the arrival of a new series from Black Mask Studios, written by Patrick Kindlon of Black Mask’s We Can Never Go Home and There’s Nothing There and illustrated by Antonio Fuso of James Bond.

In Survival Fetish, war-torn Hawaii is the setting for Saheer to navigate downtown Honolulu under a hail of sniper bullets. He’s a “runner” and a local celebrity known for transporting medicine and information across this militia and street-gang ridden landscape. But Saheer has secrets that may be as hard for him to outrun.
We have quite an extensive preview of Survival Fetish #1 courtesy of Black Mask, arriving in shops this Wednesday, April 18th, 2018:

And check out this lovely Cover B for #1 by Tyler Boss:

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