5 Point Discussions – Boruto: Naruto Next Generations 54: “Sasuke And Boruto”

by Sage Ashford

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1. Village Protector (and card-carrying member of Konoha’s Deadbeat Dads division) Sasuke finally gets to speak with Naruto this week, showing him and Shikamaru a scroll he picked up at Kaguya’s Palace. None of them can read it, but we do learn why he went all the way to Kaguya’s house and all he got was a stupid scroll.
After spending a lot of time just trying to find the place, he barely even gets to investigate the location before he’s confronted with someone from Kaguya’s Otsutsuki Clan. The two of them go at it for a bit, in a fight that’s not only well-animated, but featuring some of the high level jutsu Naruto fans probably got used to before the show came to an end. It’s a great change of pace from the normal fights we get in Boruto, which feature considerably less powerful characters. Boruto’s over here struggling to make a Rasengan while Sasuke’s opening holes in space time and literally teleporting in place of using substitution jutsu.  The difference is vast and the more Boruto acts like a spoiled brat the more excited I am to see him realize just how vast the gulf is between him and the big players.

2. After Sasuke explains the story to Naruto, he happens to run into Boruto as he’s rushing to beat up his dad. From the beginning the idea Boruto would ever beat up his dad felt both awkward and ridiculous. For one: in a light hearted series like this how do you set up Boruto actually fighting his dad, and for another, even if you did, what chance would he have? He’s using techniques Naruto surpassed when he was…well, right around Boruto’s age.
Fortunately the show saves us from having to see him try by Sasuke deciding to test Boruto to see if he’s ready. In a matter of seconds, Sasuke dismantles every attempt Boruto makes. But instead of becoming discouraged, Boruto’s eyes glimmer as he asks to have Sasuke train him for a chance to beat his father. Rather than turn him down, Sasuke asks a simple question: can he do the Rasengan?

3. Sasuke’s question pushes Boruto to seek out the other major user of the Rasengan, the Captain of Team 7. Konohamaru. Despite waking his teacher up at what has to be some obscene hour, Konohamaru is actually all too happy to help! Of course; people regard Team 7 as the most troublesome group of Genin in the current class, and one hundred percent of the blame could be attributed to Boruto. If he’s going to be this much of a pain, the least he can do is be great to make up for it.
Still, I’m kind of disappointed Boruto’s even learning the Rasengan. He’s angling to be trained by Sasuke–shouldn’t he be studying the Chidori instead?
In any case, it takes Boruto a while to figure things out–mostly because everyone always explains the Rasengan in a stupid way. Konohamaru is all “make your chakra go like this”, and while there’s some necessity to use our imagination to make things that don’t make sense from a physics perspective make sense…that’s probably not what’s happening here.  Boruto later decides to bake a cake for his little sister Himawari, and while mixing the batter he immediately figures out what Konohamaru means, and manages to clear the first stage of learning the technique. Of course, the first stage is simple: break a water balloon with your chakra. The second requires busting open a more solid object, and by the end, well…Boruto’s never been known for his willingness to work hard.

4. After a weak first Rasengan (and Sasuke’s mockery of it), Boruto runs off like a spoiled brat and winds up seeking comfort by talking to his buddy in the Scientific Ninja Division, Katasuke. The longer their relationship goes on, the more obvious it becomes literally no one thinks about how much time this little kid spends with a weirdo who spends all his time playing video games and making up weapons.
And someone really should have, because despite Naruto’s wishes that Genin actually work to achieve things before showing off, Katasuke just hands Boruto his latest device allowing anyone to create jutsu on command without even knowing how they work.  Equipped with this, he returns to Sasuke and shows off a proper Rasengan…and even though Sasuke immediately realizes something’s up, he decides to take him on as a student.  Surely this will go great

5. Next Episode: Well, this next episode looks busy!  Sasuke officially takes Boruto on as his student so they can train leading up to the Chuunin Exam. But while that’s going on, for some reason Gaara and Killer Bee are resurfacing, with their Tailed Beasts in tow–one way or another, that can only lead to trouble. And in the meantime, Boruto’s “training” is becoming more and more an excuse to rely on the Scientific Ninja Tool he got from Katasuke. It’s never good when the talent stops working hard, but it looks like Boruto will have to learn that the hard way.
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