Alterna Comics’ Pulse-Pounding Horror Thriller ‘Croak’ Live On Kickstarter

by Brendan M. Allen

Cody Sousa and the folks over at Alterna Comics are hitting up fans and readers to make the Croak graphic novel a reality. The Kickstarter campaign is live and runs through 04 June 2018, ending at 9:04 AM PDT (12:04 PM EDT).

Croak graphic novel cover by Adam Gorham

Croak was originally a three-issue horror miniseries written by Cody Sousa (Sonitus, CORPUS Anthology), drawn by Francesco Iaquinta (Rumble Kid), colored by Chris O’Halloran (Ice Cream Man, Lockjaw), lettered by Dezi Sienty (New 52’s Batman, Justice League). Now, it’s being adapted into a 96-page graphic novel, and you can be a part of making it happen!
Original Croak print covers

The concept for Croak originated from Cody Sousa’s annoyance with most horror films. Cody tells me:

I hated watching horror films where within five minutes you already knew how it was going to play out. I wanted to create something that showed you can still use those tropes, but also offer something different to the audience.

Sousa felt the stories were too formulaic, the endings too predictable, so he sought out to create a story that would pay tribute to the genre, while addressing overused horror clichés in a way that would offer something new to the audience.
Originally, he wrote the story as a short film, but after some misfortunes with production and Cody’s desire to dive deeper into the story, he paired up with talented comics creators, and the rest is history!

Croak pinup print drawn by Marco Roblin, exclusive to $50 backers

Initially published digitally by Alterna Comics in 2016 where it won the Ghastly Award for Best Limited Series, Croak was later printed physically on newsprint in 2017. Now in 2018, the graphic novel will feature updated text/letters, new sequences and pages, and zero issue breaks, creating a new reading experience, and one flowing story.
Pinup print set by Max Gagnon, Philip Sevy, and Robert Geronimao

The graphic novel edition will feature a brand new cover and a load of new back matter, including never before seen behind-the-scenes material and a pinup gallery featuring artists Philip Sevy, Emily Pearson, Marco Roblin, Elena Ominetti, Chris Shehan, Max Gagnon, Robert Geronimo, and Francesco Iaquinta.
Inked Croak page by Francesco Iaquinta, available as a backer reward

As with most comics Kickstarters, there are some pretty cool incentives being offered for backers, including:
-Two separate print sets (a pinup and cover print set)!
-Every edition of Croak (physical and digital)!
-All three issues of Sonitus (in comic shops today) printed on classic newsprint. Sonitus has a story by Cody Sousa and Dan Sheppard, art by Cecilia Lo Valvo (2018 Top Cow Talent Hunt winner), colors by Dee Cunniffe (Her Infernal Descent, Redneck), and letters by Dezi Sienty. All single issues will be signed by Dan Sheppard and Cody Sousa!
-A landscape pinup print drawn by Marco Roblin!
-Commissions by Croak artist Francesco Iaquinta!
-Having your likeness drawn in a future project written by Cody Sousa!
-Original Croak interior pages drawn by Francesco Iaquinta!
-Original cover of the Croak graphic novel drawn by Adam Gorham!

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