Lord Of The Rings TV Series Reportedly Set To Focus On A Young Aragorn

by Erik Amaya


Whether you know him as Estel, Telcontar, Thorongil, Strider or Elessar, Aragorn is a pivotal figure in the work of J.R.R. Tolkien with ties to much of its history. And it seems he will be the focus of Amazon’s Lord of the Rings television series, according to TheOneRing.net.
As the heir of Isildur and a member of the Dunedain Rangers, Aragorn is a particularly long-lived character — 210 years in total — with his life spanning from the time of The Hobbit to well after his crowning as King of the Reunited Kingdoms of Arnor and Gondor and the dawning of the Fourth Age. But his younger days were spent living a life of secrecy, growing up in Rivendell without anyone knowing his royal lineage save his mother Gilraen and Elrond Half-elven. Upon learning his true identity, Aragorn becomes chieftain of the Dunedain and meets Elrond’s daughter Arwen in a scene which mirrors earlier Tolkien legends like Thingol meeting the Vala Melian and Beren encountering Luthien. He also becomes the friend of the Wizard Gandalf and Elves like Legolas and Glorfindel.
Which is the long way of saying he is a good fit to lead a prequel series. As TORn points out, much of his story appears in the appendices of The Lord of the Rings; where the series is allegedly drawing much of its inspiration from. They also suggest the show may open with Aragorn, but not stay with him for the duration as other tales, like the forgings of the Rings of Power, certainly have narrative worth as well.
Of course, the site’s report is not yet confirmed, with Amazon as yet offering no comment on the report. But if true, it would be an interesting way to tell Lord of the Rings side stories. Not that most LOTR fans need a lot of prodding to watch the show, which should debut on the service in the next two years.

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