5 Point Discussions – Black Clover 33: “To Help Somebody Someday”

by Sage Ashford

Asta and Sister Theresa must protect the children from Sally and her latest monster, while Gauche has abandoned them in order to save Marie! Can they pull it off?  Remember, if you like this article and 5 Point Discussions, please share it on Facebook or Twitter! It really helps. And if you’ve got any comments or questions, please hit me up @SageShinigami.

1. The Crimson Lions all end up with all of the best familiars. With Sally having turned Baro into anime Clayface, the kids need to be evacuated and quick, so rather than lead them all to the end of the cave and abandon Asta, Theresa creates an adorable leopard made of flame for the kids to ride. Unfortunately, as we learn later–in your old age your mana wanes from its heights, so she can’t just create one giant leopard for all the kids to ride, and instead winds up distracted for most of the fight. Still, at least she’s able to offer more than certain other people…

2. Last week, Gauche ran out with Marie under his arm with the intent of saving her even if it meant everyone else had to die. This week, we get a flashback to learn just why he’s so attached to his little sister. Turns out, Gauche is a former noble himself, of the House Adlai. But somehow, Gauche’s parents were murdered by their friends and they forged a will bequeathing all of his parents assets to them, then proceeded to kick out both Gauche and Marie from their own home.
Trapped on the streets, Gauche was forced to steal in order to feed himself and his sister, until he wound up caught by some Magic Knights after punching above his weight class. He was thrown in jail for sometime, but was surprisingly tough enough to break out on his own, but while on his way to retrieve Marie he was caught by Yami, who offered him an opportunity to join the Black Bulls to pay for his sister’s care.
With no one else to care about and no one who cared about him for so long, his heart grew cold and he became a sister-obsessed idiot. Fortunately, Marie is as pure as he’s been saying, and yells at him about how all of humanity is connected and how everyone’s worth protecting….plus it’s literally his job. Guilted into going back…mostly out of a desire to look cool to Marie, he sets her down with the other children and heads back into action.
As a sidenote, this show really has to stop relying on that gross scarlet-toned background they use for flashbacks. This episode doesn’t do it for very long, but it always looks awful rather than adding to the mood they’re trying to set up.

3. You’d think after multiple near death experiences, Asta would go somewhere and try to figure out how his grimoire works. In the middle of battle with Baro and Sally, his grimoire glows once more and ejects his secondary sword–it’s somehow charged and able to fire off another long range, pure energy attack of anti-magic. Unfortunately, it doesn’t do nearly enough damage to the mud monster, but it’s the only thing that’s done any real damage so far.
Inspired by Asta’s willingness to risk his life not only for people in his guild, but for children he doesn’t even know, Gauche decides to finally team up and work with the young recruit. And since anime always rewards kind actions with new superpowers, Gauche is given a shiny new spell in his grimoire that works along with the magic mirror in his eye. When Asta looks into it, it instantly creates dozens of Asta clones, all with charged up anti-magic blasts. Working together, they obliterate both anime clayface and Sally’s gel salamander.
Jeez, imagine what these guys could accomplish if they were remotely functional as a team.

4. At this point, the battle should be over and the arc should come to a close. But alas, our heroes aren’t that lucky. They defeat Baro, but the magic injection literally burned his entire body out and all that’s left of him is an outfit drenched in mud. Neige feels bad, which is weird considering Baro was apparently a jerk to him his entire life. Plus, he died after he kidnapped children and stole their magic for an easy come up in a world where without magic you’re literally relegated to some kind of caste below peasant. He’s dead? Well, it be like that sometimes.
But before our heroes can celebrate, Neige gets impaled with a spear of light. Before Gauche can react, the same thing happens to him.  Asta tries to figure out what’s going on and gets attacked as well, but Theresa takes the blow for him, getting hit worse than everyone else. They’ve taken a little too long to win this fight, and now someone new has taken the stage: Licht, the leader of the Eye of the Midnight Sun, and the man who beat Fuegoleon in combat. This is about to get a whole lot more dangerous…

5. Next Episode: Of course, this could also get much more awesome. Seems like Yami’s about to stop being lazy and finally step up to the plate. Thus far, we’ve only seen one Magic Knight Captain get into a fight, and he was beaten down not long afterwards. Will Yami suffer the same fate? …Probably not, since if he does Asta’s dead!
Black Clover is available on Crunchyroll and Hulu.

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