Super Sons #16 Brings The Series To A Close With A True Test Of The Duo’s Strength

by James Ferguson

Robin and Superboy have been working together for a bit and now they face their greatest challenge yet. Kid Amazo has captured the Justice League and only the Super Sons can set them free. They’ll have to think fast to defeat a foe with the combined powers of the entire League and still get home before curfew.

What has become apparent in this brief two issue arc “End of Innocence” is how strong the friendship is between Jon and Damian. They seemed antagonistic at times, but now it’s rock solid. These two will be friends forever now. It’s touching to see the lengths they’re both willing to go to protect and help each other. Even Damian has some heartfelt things to say, although his words tend to come out a bit more serious.
Super Sons #16 is packed with choice dialogue from writer Peter J. Tomasi. It’s the kind of stuff that will bring a smile to your face as these two kids face an amazing adventure. One of my favorites comes from Robin as Cyborg tries to warn Superboy of an impending strike from Kid Amazo. The Boy Wonder confidently tells the Justice Leaguer “Don’t worry, Cyborg, my pal’s got super in his name.” That’s such a succinct compliment that also sticks it to adults. He knows that his buddy has his back.

Although Kid Amazo is a frightening villain and certainly a highly powered one, Robin and Superboy don’t hesitate. They’re not scared (or if they are, they’re not showing it). This is what they’ve been preparing for. This is a chance for them to prove to the adults and especially their fathers, that they’re ready for the super hero life. Artists Carlo Barberi & Brent Peeples capture that energy, excitement, and confidence.
This assertiveness drops a bit once Superman and Batman are freed and the boys have to face their dads. They made some risky decisions during the battle and they’re not sure how this will be taken. Jon returns to his wide-eyed default look as the Justice League stand before him. Even though his dad is Superman, the kid still has a sense of awe about these heroes.

While the artwork is pretty solid throughout the issue, Barberi and Peeples have a slightly different style, so the changes between the two are noticeable throughout the issue. It’s disappointing that there’s not a single artist for the entire comic as it creates this jarring reading experience.
The Kid Amazo battle is wrapped up pretty quickly so I do wonder if it was cut short due to changes in plans for the Superman Family. It has a satisfying ending. It’s just that it comes at a very fast pace. This whole arc is only two issues long.

This final issue of Super Sons is book-ended by a scene from the far future as an old man tells his grandchildren about this adventure. We don’t know who this man is, but he seems very knowledgeable about Robin and Superboy. The kids have some unique qualities too. These little touches are what separates Super Sons from your average super hero flair. It reminds you of what it’s like to be a kid and have that wide-eyed sense of excitement as you look at a world where anything can happen. While this series is ending, I’m glad that we’ll get more from these characters in a new maxi-series coming soon. We need more comics like Super Sons.
Super Sons #16 is currently available at your local comic shop and digitally through ComiXology and Amazon Kindle.

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