Bumblebee Teaser Promises 80s Action And On-Model Starscream

by Erik Amaya

Transformer favorite Bumblebee leads his own solo adventure in this holiday season’s Bumblebee. Paramount Pictures has released the first teaser for the film which sees star Hailee Steinfeld bringing home an old, beat-up VW Bug to restore and use as her car. Little does she realize it is the advanced Autobot scout with a faulty voice modulator. Soon, the two bond and go on a classic 80s-style adventure. Reportedly, the film is set in the 1980s and the few glimpses of Decepticon lieutenant Starscream in his classic 80s character model — or at least as close as the Transformers films can get to those designs — definitely support that idea. Maybe the Transformers should always have stayed in the 80s. But take a look at the teaser and judge for yourself.

Bumblebee opens on December 21st.

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