The Flash Film To Go In A Lighter Direction As DC Films Plans Are Revealed

by Erik Amaya


Warner Bros. Pictures big-screen adaptation of The Flash will finally get the proper tone if The Hollywood Repoter‘s understanding of the new plan emerging at DC Entertainment is true. According to an article published Wednesday morning, the project will abandon “the somber themes it had been expected to tackle” in favor of a Back to the Future style romp from Game Night directors John Francis Daly and Jonathan Goldstein.
The news will be welcome to fans of The Flash as the project’s greatest stumbling block seemed to be imposing a Batman-style grim and gritty feel — an idea the studio has courted since the success of The Dark Knight — on a character more natural suited for comedy and adventure. In fact, the studio’s attempt to impart that darker tone on the project led to directors like Seth Grahame-Smith and Rick Famuyiwa leaving the film altogether.
THR also reports that the departures of DC Entertainment co-presidents Diane Nelson and Geoff Johns leaves DC Films president Walter Hamada free to alter the original story line and schedule Nelson, Johns, and former DC Film architects Jeff Berg and Zack Snyder outlined for the film universe in 2014. The tone will change in light of Wonder Woman‘s success and Justice League‘s relative failure. Additionally, the studio will stop announcing release dates for projects like The Flash and Green Lantern Corps until the projects are closer to production.
Meanwhile, they suggest the out-of-continuity concepts like Todd Phillip’s “Joker Origins” project may be released under a “DC Dark” or “DC Black” label. When one considers DC Comics’ internal branding, “DC Metal” would make a good choice as well. That separate branding will be important as Hamada plans to continue developing the recently announced Jared Leto Joker project alongside “Joker Origins.” The latter film is expected to go into production the Fall with a modest $55 million budget.
The article also claims Ben Affleck has left Matt Reeves’ The Batman behind as it focuses on a younger Batman. Of course, it is still possible the film is part of that “DC Black” label despite the studio insisting it will be part of the film universe established in Man of Steel.
Despite the apparent tumult at DC’s executive level, all of the recent news suggests Warner Bros. wants fans and the industry to know that things are about to change at the seemingly always in Crisis film division. Besides this morning’s report on Hamada’s plans, the studio smartly unveiled images from the upcoming Wonder Woman sequel, Wonder Woman 1984, and began boosting the profile of December’s Aquaman with Warner Bros. brass offering positive comments and director James Wan discussing some of his choices in the film. A trailer is expected to drop soon.
And, honestly, it would be nice to see DC Entertainment make another film as appealing and successful as Wonder Woman. Maybe it took putting DC Entertainment through one of its comic company’s reboots to do it.

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