Mainstream Media Gets Trashed In New Art Book From Spaceman Project

by Tito W. James

**Warning the following article contains explicit content!

[TRASH by Luis Quiles from SPACEMAN PROJECT on Vimeo.]

TRASH is an art-book illustrated by Luis Quiles currently seeking funding on Spaceman ProjectThe artwork is a scathing satire of how human tragedies are transformed into sick entertainment in today’s media. In a world where reality is starting to look like a bad joke, it’s up to artists to fearlessly express what’s happening. You can support TRASH right now on Spaceman Project.

In this book you will be able to find a compilation of about 150 color illustrations. There are drawings that are satirical and that are critical of society, and in this case, that even further exploit the iconography of pornography and put it into other contexts. You’ll also be able to find icons and elements of popular culture that are interpreted in the particular way that I see them. —Quiles

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