Warring With Cupid In Death Of Love TPB This August

by James Ferguson

Some folks hate Valentine’s Day and everything it stands for, especially those doughy little cherubs that fly around with their bows and arrows. After a bad drunken decision, perpetually single guy Philo can suddenly see the Cupidae all around him. He’s left with only one option: Grab a chainsaw and go to war with love itself.

With a description like that, how can you not want to read Death of Love? If you missed the single issues earlier this year, you’ll be able to read the complete five-issue mini-series this August as Image Comics will be collecting it in a trade paperback.
The series from writer Justin Jordan, artist Donal DeLay, colorist Omar Estévez, and letterer Rachel Deering is a pretty fun read from start to finish, with some outrageous gore to boot. It’s most definitely a dark comedy.
Death of Love is set for release in comic shops on Wednesday, August 22nd and in bookstores and Amazon on Tuesday, August 28th.

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