Indiana Jones 5 And An Untitled Marvel Movie Shift Release Dates

by Erik Amaya


It seems Indiana Jones will need a little more time before heading back to theaters.
According to Entertainment Weekly, the release date of the fifth Indiana Jones film has been pushed back again to July 9, 2021. Originally scheduled for release in July of next year, the film was pushed back to 2020 sometime ago. Then, rumors of a further delay surfaced when it was announced Solo: A Star Wars Story‘s Jonathan Kasdan was reworking on the script. Presumably, the film will continue the relative passage of time between real life and reel life established in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull; which means Indiana Jones will be approaching 80 alongside star Harrison Ford when the film is released.
Meanwhile a number of other Disney release dates for films like Jungle Cruise and Maleficent 2 have also changed, but perhaps most the most interesting change is an untitled Marvel Studios film which has been moved up from a July 2021 release date to February 12th 2021. Could it possibly be Black Panther 2? That would put the two films three years apart — a timetable Marvel Studios seems comfortable using. But, then again, it could be the long-missing Doctor Strange 2. Feel free to speculate until we get confirmation.

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