New Horror Anthology Fantasmagoria Will Focus On Folklore From Mexico And South West

by Hannah Means Shannon

Starburns Industries Press, the comic book publishing division of the studio that created Rick and Morty, has announced the launch of Fantasmagoria, an all-new quarterly horror anthology inspired by folklore from Mexico and the American Southwest.

Written by Starburns Industries executive producer James Fino (Anomalisa, Rick and MortyAnimals) and Eric M. Esquivel (Bordertown, Gregory Graves) with a variety of artists including Fernando Pinto (The Mall, Starburns Presents), Julieta Colás (Rick and Morty, Invader Zim), and more, Fantasmagoria #1, will hit comic shops this September.
The new series will focus on mythology specific to Mexico and The American Southwest. On that topic, Eric Esquivel says:

If I see one more comic book about a vampire or a Frankenstein on the comic shop shelves, I am going to blow my brains out all over the Funko Pops display. Our world is huge, and violent, and weird. There are as many myths out there as there are different kinds of people. To me it’s a crime, culturally, to keep going back to the same Eastern European guys over and over and over again.

Addressing “issues of racism and aggression in the news with the kind of humor fans of Starburns have come to expect”, Starburns Industries Press President, Simon Oré says:

As a proud member of Trump’s America I know there ain’t nothing scarier than Messicans – so I figured stories ‘bout them would be good for makin’ folks scared.

Starburns says:

Humor aside, Fantasmagoria comes at an important time in American history and is a declaration of intent from the new publisher. Not only will this be a humor-horror anthology inspired by the great classic comics of the 20th Century, it is Starburns Industries Press stating publicly that the stories, creators, and even executives behind this company come from diverse backgrounds and plan to support diverse voices with titles like Fantasmagoria.

Support a great new book with original and diverse content by picking up this horror anthology when it lands in September!

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