New Stranger Things Commercial For Starcourt Mall Has It All

by Erik Amaya


In one of the odder teaser campaigns hitting the net this week, Stranger Things released a relentlessly 1980s television commercial for Starcourt Mall; Hawkins, Indiana’s latest monument to commercial excess and, presumably, a key location in the series’ third season. Featuring dearly departed storefronts like Walenbooks, RadioShack, and Sam Goody, this recreation of a mid-8os mall will bring a wave of nostalgia to anyone who remembers wander through those stores at the time. And, of course, fond memories of Bob (Sean Austin).
In fact, all the of the real retail outlets are faithfully recreated — just take a look at The Gap’s mid-80s branding — making its one seemingly fictional store, the Scoops Ahoy ice cream shop where Steve Harrington (Joe Keery) works, all the more conspicuous.

But for all the nostalgia, one has to wonder where the mall was built. On the site of an abandoned government facility, perhaps? The could prove to be quite troublesome for Steve and the other characters as their summer in a Fast Times At Ridgemont High style mall could turn into a replay of Dawn of the Dead.
And as the commercial suggests, Stranger Things will likely return next summer.
(h/t: LA Times)

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