LFCC 2018: Introducing A Comics Symposium

by Olly MacNamee

We’re all familiar with both comic book panels and signings as a standard at comic cons these days, but London Film And Comic Con’s Tony Lee, and #1 New York Times bestselling writer, has introduced a symposium into the mix too. And that’s on top of gifting the comic creators in Artist’ Alley with their own My Little Pony too.
The thought process behind it? Take it away Tony:

One thing I didn’t have time to do last year was find a way of thanking the Artists’ Alley for the support they give the convention every year. The Symposium helps towards that. Many of our Artists Alley are people who want a career in comics and graphic novels. This Symposium gives them the opportunity to see accomplished veterans provide almost one-on-one education to them on subjects that range from an artist explaining how to draw a face, or a writer showing how to write an exciting action scene – all the way to editors telling you exactly what they want from a pitch document. A skillset that anyone who wants to work in comics needs, and totally free to any of the Artists Alley exhibitors who want to attend.’

Aimed primarily at comic book creators appearing at LFCC, there will be some spaces for con visitors too, but they’ll be limited as these talks, along with all the panels, are free. Including my own panel on Sunday morning interviewing Dan Slott (Spider Man, Iron Man), Amrit Birdi (Username: Evie), Simon Furman (Transformers), Andrew Cartmel (Doctor Who) and Sonia Leong (Assassin’s Creed, Manga Shakespeare). But, more on the full schedule after this weekend’s other con somewhere over on your side of the pond.
Sounds like it’ll be a fun and packed weekend. Will you be there? If so, come by and say ‘Hi’. I’m there all weekend long!

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