SDCC 2018: New Kotobokiya Statues For Their Bishoujo & Ikemen Lines

by Gary Catig

Only a few weeks after their panel at Anime Expo, collectible company, Kotobukiya announced at San Diego Comic Con more of what they have in store for the future. Though they discussed several different products, the focus was mainly on their Bishoujo and Ikemen lines.
The Bishoujo line involves statues of popular female characters redone in a Japanese cute girl style. At WonderCon earlier this year, the company spoke about their partnership with Hasbro to create sculptures related to toy properties. My Little Pony was the first to receive the Bishoujo treatment and now they revealed the actual artwork of the statues with a sculpt of the first figure, Pinkie Pie. Pinkie Pie was actually displayed at their booth on the show floor. The following releases will be Twilight Sparkle and Fluttershy.

They then showed the artwork for their Bishoujo statues from G.I. Joe. Fans can expect Scarlet and Baroness in 2019.

The male equivalent of the Bishoujo line is the Ikemen line. They have previously announced Red Robin and Damian Robin and at this panel, they provided closer looks at the artwork and the sculpts. Each statue will have three expressions that include a serious look, a masked hero look, and the default charismatic look.

As a final announcement, you can’t have Robins without their leader. Fans and collectors can expect a Batman statue in the line sometime in the future.  Now the family can be complete.

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