X-Men: Dark Phoenix Set For Two And A Half Weeks Of Reshoots

by Erik Amaya


Proving, once again, that X-Men: Dark Phoenix will see release, Collider reports the film will head to Montreal for “two and a half weeks” of reshoots in the not-too-distant future.
Of course, there is a lot of fear, uncertainty and doubt surrounding one of 20th Century Fox’s last X-Men productions before becoming part of the Disney fold. Rumors persisted a while back that the film would be scrapped entirely as Disney’s purchase of the studio would be complete by its February 2019 release date. And early on Thursday, reports surfaced that the film was scheduled for three months of reshoots — indicating a substantial change to the project.
Collider refuted these reports, adding the two-and-half week schedule is “a pretty standard amount of time for a major blockbuster” to engage in additional photography.
But it is understandable why people assume the worst in regard to both Dark Phoenix and next August’s New Mutants. Both were delayed over a year from their original release dates, which is often a sign of trouble. Additionally, the reality of the Disney merger suggests the X-Men film franchise as it has been known since 2000 will come to an end. During a recent earnings call, Disney CEO Bob Iger said the studio will continue to develop features based on the properties Fox controls, but did not clarify whether or not they would remain separate or become part of the Marvel Studios fold.
Most assume the latter, meaning any world building in Dark Phoenix and New Mutants would be immediately abandoned in favor of a new Marvel Cinematic Universe status quo. Which leaves both productions somewhat orphaned, even as 20th Century Fox must complete and market them in good faith. Ultimately, the backstage drama may make both films more interesting for what they represent than what they are.

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