Fantastic Four Developments: Who’s Living In The Baxter Building Now?

by James Ferguson

Fantastic Four #1 hit with a bang last week and Marvel Comics already has some big plans for their First Family.  As revealed in the latest episode of This Week in Marvel (seen below) by editors Tom Brevoort and Alanna Smith, issue #2 will see the return of the Future Foundation. We’ll also see a big new villain, described as the biggest Fantastic Four foe we’ve never heard of.

One of the major plot points in these first few issues is the Fantastic Four’s home. The Baxter Building was the place where all the magic happened, but the team has been away for some time. Who’s living there now? The answer to that question will be seen in Fantastic Four #4 when we meet a new super team called the Fantastix. Based on the preview shown below, they do have a passing resemblance to Reed, Sue, Johnny, and Ben.

Also coming up in Fantastic Four #5 (legacy #650) is the wedding of Ben Grimm and Alicia Masters. This happened pretty quickly as they just got engaged in the first issue. Best of luck to the happy couple.
Fantastic Four #4 and #5 haven’t been officially solicited by Marvel yet, but they should be released in November and December, respectively.

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