5 Point Discussions – Revue Starlight Episode 3: “Top Star”

by Sage Ashford

Karen continues to strive for the position of Top Star, but what happens when she’s forced to face off against the #1 student in the 99th class? Remember, if you like this article and 5 Point Discussions, please share it on Facebook or Twitter! It really helps. And if you’ve got any comments or questions, please hit me up @SageShinigami.

1. Even though with only nine episodes it’s doubtful, I’d be delighted if we ever got to see the full version of “Starlight”. It’s a play that informs so much of the characters’ actions and the 99th class as a whole seems to love it so much they’re doing it for their entire time in high school.
We’re not quite sure what it’s about, but it sounds pretty rad so far. It’s described as a story of goddesses “who were led towards the stars by a glittering light”, with a plot about star-crossed lovers that inexplicably has swordfighting.  It’d be pretty awesome if we got a theatrical version or OVA of this series that’s just them doing the play Starlight.

2. Even though it’s very early days for this series, we’re already seeing a shift in alliances from what was presented in the first episode.  The girls were all paired off before the start of the series, as befitting of dance partners, and those pairings grew into different things. Maya and Claudine are fierce rivals, Junna and Nana are best friends, Karen and Mahiru are friends even though Mahiru wants it to be more, and Futaba and Kaoruko are childhood friends bordering on life partners.
But the show has been suggesting that these pairs won’t always be the same, starting with Hikari’s arrival in episode one, then Nana pairing up with Mahiru for dance practice. This episode escalates that much further, with the normally inseparable Futaba and Kaoruko being pulled apart by Futaba’s own desire to be Top Star.  She talks with the recently defeated Claudine about how she thought it was enough to be with Kaoruko and protect her like she did as a child, but realizes she won’t ever be able to experience the growth she desires if continues on the same stagnant path.
Like that, Futaba and Claudine wind up in a battle that I really wish I could have seen, especially since Futaba appears to have a freaking AXE as her weapon.  How are these girls managing to use these things without killing one another?

3. As we enter this week’s dance, Karen winds up dueling against Tendou Maya, the star of the 99th class. It’s a one-sided battle almost from the very beginning, as Karen finds out exactly what it means to go up against the best girl in her class. But I think it’s noteworthy that this week’s Revue is meant to be about: The Revue of Pride.
While the first Revue was about Passion, and the second Revue was about Longing, I don’t think it’s a coincidence that when the focus is Pride Karen doesn’t just lose, she gets roflstomped.  She’s not a prideful person–her devotion to being a member of the troupe is collaborative rather than competitive, and so she was never going to be on the same level as Maya. Plus Maya is basically the system itself—the belief that there should only ever be one Top Star, a belief that centers from Pride. So she effortlessly manipulates the stage and makes it impossible for Karen to mount any kind of real offense, until Maya finally takes Karen’s cloak, and Position Zero, with ease.

4. The rankings were largely empty before, with only a handful of the girls having made it onto the board. But this time around apparently Karen’s battle against Tendou has dropped her all the way to the bottom of the list. If there’s something more sinister than simply being kicked out of the auditions then someone dropping off the board would DEFINITELY trigger it. Presuming it’s not some kind of murder, eventually we have to learn what that is. And I wouldn’t be surprised if it weren’t Karen, to show her will to climb back from anywhere.

5. Speaking of, Karen even getting involved in the auditions has caused quite the rift between her and Hikari. A ton of people have talked about how Hikari’s probably upset because of what could happen to Karen if she loses, and that’s fair. After all, there’s definitely something strange going on here.  Mysterious elevators appear out of nowhere to take you to a hidden location several hundred feet below the school to perform for a talking giraffe.
And if that wasn’t weird enough, this week Hikari tries to break in to “save” Karen from participating…and completely fails.  She manages to clear the elevator, rushes down the stairs to a place that clearly points to the theatre…then gets teleported outside the school at the last second. Yeah, things are definitely going to get darker going forward.

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