Henry Cavill Reportedly Quits Superman

by Erik Amaya


The panic returns at Warner Bros. Pictures as a new report indicates Henry Cavill’s time as the first superhero is over.
According to The Hollywood Reporter, an attempt to loop the actor into a Shazam! cameo has failed and “the door is now closing on other potential Superman appearances.” THR makes the strange case that the upcoming Supergirl film will feature the character as “an infant,” which either suggests the film will take place entirely on Krypton or, once again, completely redefine its title character the way Man of Steel turned Superman into a grimacing alien raised by fans of Ayn Rand. This, coupled with Cavill upcoming role in Netflix’s Witcher series may mean he will fly as Superman no more.
It also seems Ben Affleck is out of Batman’s cape and cowl as well.
Though their departures seem like more missteps in the studios handling of the DC Entertainment characters as film properties, it is also a chance to realign the tone of the characters away from their Justice League depictions. Although, if one looks back on that film, Cavill was finally playing the classic character toward the end.
Meanwhile, in classic Crisis fashion, Warner Bros. will soldier on with the aspects of the DC film universe which work, like Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman. They are also still releasing Aquaman in December and Shazam! in April. Also, that Flash movie may finally come to pass, just two or three years past its original scheduled release date.
But instead of some showy Crisis to explain Suprerman’s new look — once he is recast — maybe it is best to just bring in the new performer and act as though nothing had happened at all. Internal consistency is a lot to ask from Warner Bros. at this point.

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