It’s A Jolly Holiday! The Mary Poppins Returns Official Trailer Has Arrived

by Christine Marie Attardo

Disney is starting off the week with a spoonful of sugar as they unveil the official trailer for Mary Poppins Returns, set to release this holiday season. In the trailer you get a deeper look on why this lovely nanny has returned from the clouds. The movie stars Emily Blunt, who I think will be a lovely follow up to Julie Andrews. 
Take a look:

I love the idea of Mary Poppins in general…a nanny to the rescue! The thing that I am most excited about, besides this wonderful story continuing, is the fact that hand drawn animation is going to be used just as it was in the original film. I think this retains the classic feel of the originally movie, while still adding a fresh new spin.
Mary Poppins Returns will release in theaters on December 19th.

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