The Lakes Comic Art Festival 2018: ‘Hero(ine)s’ Art Exhibition

by Olly MacNamee

It may all be about Thought Bubble this week but further up the road to the north is Kendall, and The Lakes International Art Festival, which takes place over the weekend of October 12th – 14th. As part of this year’s schedule, there will be a fascinating art exhibition focusing on classic comic book covers reinterpreted to switch male heroes with female protagonists instead. Judging by the previewed art below, it looks like a worthwhile exhibition to visit if you’re in the area, as well as having an important point to make. As explained below:

Being a comic hero has traditionally been the dominion of the male. This is about to be challenged through a new exhibition called ‘Hero(ine)s’ featuring iconic comic heroes re-interpreted and reimagined in their female form.
The exhibition features more than twenty original artworks where comic artists have been challenged to reinvent their chosen male superhero in female form and contribute a narrative to explain their choice of heroine and their perceptions of how women are represented in the comic genre.

Its open from October 6th to November 12th at Kendal Museum. Check out opening times and further details here. It may be worth noting that admission is free during the festival weekend.

And, if you are there for the weekend festival in October, don’t forget the Hunt Emerson exhibition either. That’s already open, but also runs till November. Seems like there’ll be plenty to see and do if you do attend.

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