Mister Miracle #11 Is A Wonderfully Frustrating Family-Focused Melodrama

by Olly MacNamee

Well, we do get some kind of answer to the cryptic mantra-like call of ‘Darkseid is’ in issue #11 of Mister Miracle by Tom King and Mitch Gerads. It’s just not the answer you’d expect.
After the nefarious proposed peace treaty was laid out by Darkseid last issue, Scott and Barda, along with their one-year old son, set off to seal the deal on Apokolips, but this is the greatest escape artist we’re talking about here, and those skills are certainly on show in this issue is a spectacular plan that goes off without a hitch. Well, almost. There is one mother of a twist at the end, and while I have yet to be proven correct in my constant references to Jacob’s Ladder in previous reviews, I do think I was onto something as the true mastermind behind the shenanigans that have played out across this series comes out of the shadows and very much int the light. Is this familiar character on the side of the angels, or the parademons?
Either way, there’s certainly something else going on and with only one more issue to go, I can’t wait to find out how this all plays out. And that’s a skill King has maintained throughout this book. He’s kept us all guessing, right to the very end. Even now, this is gripping stuff. From Mr and Mrs Miracle’s ‘negotiating tactics’ to the suggestion that this reality – in which Orion is dead, Scott is now the Highfather of New Genesis, and Scott and Barda have a kid – isn’t quite right. Has the all been one elaborate trap? Is Scott still trying to escape death, but doesn’t know it? Either way, I can’t wait for the final issue.

Mitch Gerard continues to create a magnificent looking book adding texture and gravitas to the scene on Apokolips to suggest an almost medieval world in space, while adding lightness to proceedings as he presents a joyous, innocent infant into the mix who is oblivious to all that is happening around him. He’d rather play with his grandpa’s gnarly nose instead.
It’s an issue that starts off with the sense of doom and gloom as we expect to witness Scott and Barda give away their only child to one of the greatest dangers the DC universe has ever witnessed. But then offers hope, a moment of joy and all out glee as Mister Miracle and Big Barda get the upper hand and quite literally bring out the big guns, only for confusion to once again rear its head by the end of the issue. How will Scott escape this one? Well, looks like we’ll have to wait till next issue to find out. If nothing else, Mister Miracle has been a wonderfully frustrating family-focused melodrama that is deserved of its recent Eisner wins.
Mister Miracle #11 is out now from DC Comics.

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