Kickstarting Comics: UK’s New Wave Of Comic Book Creatives Want You!

by Olly MacNamee

In recent months, artists John McCrea (Hitman, Dead Rabbits) and Laura Howell (The Beano, Regular Show) along with Lizzie Jordan, have been mentoring and nurturing 14 up emerging comic book artists here in Birmingham, Britain’s second city after London. Along the way these budding comic book artist have been coached by creators like Dave Gibbons (Dan Dare), Mark Farmer (Captain Britain) and Jordie Bellaire (Batman), amongst others.
Collectively known as The Comics Creative Catalyst, the course is almost up and all that’s left is to gather the fruits of their labour (well, it is harvest time), publish as an anthology and be damned.

Art by Jack Davies, Rory Ambrose, Katherine Hemmings, Tom Roberts and Brad Merryman

Currently on Kickstarter, you can take a look at the campaign here. Who knows, this initiative – guaranteed to return to Birmingham soon, I heard over the weekend at Thought Bubble – could be the launching pad for Birmingham’s very own new breed of comic book creator. With your support, possibly.
Congratulations to all on the course and heres’ to a bright future in print.

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