Where Do All Those Princesses Live In Ralph Breaks The Internet?

by Christine Marie Attardo

For me, one of the biggest things drawing my attention to the upcoming release of Ralph Breaks the Internet is that wonderful scene that features all of the Disney princesses. The Internet has been exploding ever since the images were first announced. However, did you ever wonder how all of those princesses got into the same place? To be honest, the Disney fan in me didn’t really question it at first. I just thought, “That’s really cool!”
But how did they all end up hanging out? The answer has arrived. It turns out that Disney super site Oh My Disney! will actually be a location in the film.

Here’s the scoop from the site:

The team was looking for “a place where you can just really love what you love and everybody else there loves it too,” and Oh My Disney provided just that! “We knew that was a pretty safe place for Vanellope to meet a bunch of strangers who end up being family.

Pretty awesome, right? I can’t wait to see this scene and how it ties in to the overall story ARC. Ralph Breaks the Internet will release on November 21, 2018.

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