LaMonica Garrett To Play The Monitor In Elseworlds Crossover

by Erik Amaya


The Arrowverse’s latest casting decision changes the very nature of its television multiverse.
The Wrap reports actor LaMonica Garrett will play the Monitor in the 2018 Arrowverse crossover “Elseworlds.” Created by Marv Wolfman and George Perez in an issue of New Teen Titans, the mysterious Monitor soon turned out to be a new order of character in the DC Universe. Tasked with watching the various worlds of the multiverse and keeping the ambitious of his twist twin, the Anti-Monitor, in check, The Monitor eventually sent Lyla Michaels (aka Harbinger) to assemble a task force from different worlds to prevent the Anti-Monitor from collapsing all of creation in on itself.
Subsequent retcons changed the character into Mar Novu, a member of a race of Monitors tasked with keeping the Orrery of Worlds in balance. In “Elseworlds,” Garrett will play Novu. According to the Wrap, the character will have a “key role” in the story; further strengthening our suspicion that the story will take place on other Earths. In fact, we can’t help but wonder now if the Earth of Black Lightning will find itself noted and numbered at some point. We also suspect the Earth of the eventual Batwoman television series may not be Earth-1 or Supergirl‘s Earth-38.
Also, it must be said, the arrival of the Monitor suggests Barry Allen’s (Grant Gustin) date with the Red Skies in 2024 may come sooner than anyone anticipates. Could The CW pull off a Crisis on Infinite Earths at some point? In the meantime, “Elseworlds” continues to become a very intriguing story for all it implications across Arrow, Supergirl and The Flash — to say nothing of all five (eventually six) superhero shows on the network.
“Elseworlds” airs in December on The CW.

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