Fall Anime TV Preview, Part 1

by Sage Ashford

Well, the Fall is almost upon us and with that comes a brand new season of anime. As always, I am here to guide you through the new anime television series we’ll be dealing with for the remainder of the year. Much like the Spring, there’s plenty of series to get through, so let’s get started!

Double Decker! Doug & Kirill: Connected to Tiger & Bunny, Double Decker is set in the city-state of Risvaletta. Recently, the city-state has been plagued by a drug known as Anthem, which is highly fatal. To shut down Anthem, the Seven-O investigation unit creates the “Double Decker System”, pairing two investigators together at all times. The series follows an odd couple pairing–Doug Billingham, the most experienced member on the force, and Kirill, a rookie who’s just joined the force.
Thoughts: Tiger and Bunny was a highlight series from near the start of the 2010s–from general response it managed to enjoy the benefits of Sunrise (beautiful animation) without most of its downsides (frustrating, nonsensical plotlines). This series uses some of that staff to continue what they’re calling the “Tiger & Bunny Project”. Still, it doesn’t look like it’s tied too closely for me or anyone else who missed the first series to be afraid to jump in here.
Premiering: September 30th.

Xuan-Yuan Sword: Lights of the Bleak: An adaptation of one of the games from the long-lived Xuan-Yuan Sword franchise. Set in an alternate version of China, the game followed the young Che Yun in the aftermath of the merger of two nations after a great battle.
Thoughts: It’s easy enough to find the plot of this game if you want, and it’s…something. I want to give it a shot but Studio DEEN isn’t always known for it’s best animation. Even in that trailer there’s sketchy CGI that likely would’ve been better as normal animation. Still, this might be worth an episode or two.
Premiering: October 2nd.

The Girl in Twilight: One of those cross-media projects that’s become so common, “The Girl in Twilight” is about Asuka Tsuchimiya and her Crystal Radio Club, a group of girls who get together and perform certain rituals. Meant to just be a silly urban legend, things quickly change when the ritual turns out to be much more real than they ever thought.
Thoughts: Cute Girls Doing…Sci-Fi things? Honestly from the basic description and promo image this sounded pretty boring, but the trailer actually looks much better. I’m a sucker for parallel universes, so it’s worth a watch on a trial basis I think.
Premiering: October 1st.

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime: An adaptation of a popular light novel, “…Slime” is the story of Satoru Mikami. Trapped in a boring life working a job he doesn’t care about, Satoru’s “stroke of luck” occurs when he gets murdered by someone robbing him. He’s reincarnated into another, much more interesting universe as a slime, and starts going on adventures with other monsters in this new world!
Thoughts: The trailer almost makes this look like a harem series, which I almost balked at but honestly a cute pet is more likely to be fawned over than some slightly above-average dude. Anyway, I guess we’re at the point where the isekai idea has been done so many times you have to start getting really “weird” to stand out. This looks like another parody of the genre in the vein of KonoSuba, and will probably be a big hit in the same vein if so.
Premiering: October 2nd.

Fist of the Blue Sky: Regenesis S2: The sequel to last fall’s series, Regenesis is the story of Kasumi Kenshiro, a young man teaching literature at a small college until he’s dragged back to Shanghai, where he has an entirely different reputation. There, he’s the master of the Hokuto Shinken style, and battles against the forces of other Hokuto families as well as aids the triads of his ex-lover.
Thoughts: I covered this earlier in the year. If you’re into weird CGI art, super muscular guys and Chinese martial arts, then You Are Already…Watching This, I guess.
Premiering: October 2nd.

Bakutsuri Bar Hunter: While out fishing one day, Touta has something called a “bar soul” pop up from the potato chips he’s eating. After becoming friends, the two of them decide to work together to find other bar souls, taking advantage of Touta’s skill as a fisherman and his bar rod, known as Bakutsuri.
Thoughts: ….This is an anime about…collecting barcodes? Barcodes that turn into…talking animals? Did someone let Wal-Mart fund a children’s anime? This won’t get very much traction Stateside, hopefully, but I’m still impressed it exists at all. Tapping into the inner collector of children everywhere for the past two decades has really forced the marketing departments of companies to get pretty creative.
Premiering: October 2nd.

The Space Between the Sky and Sea: A smartphone game adapted into an anime, “SoraUmi” is set in Japan’s far future. In their world, the Ministry of Fishery is somehow able to set up massive fish tanks in space after fish start disappearing from the ocean. With an increasing need for space fishermen, the Fishery chapter in Onomichi selects six young girls to help them protect the fish from their predators…and other threats.
Thoughts: I was all ready to give my usual “cute girls doing cute things” spiel, but this is exactly the kind of over the top stuff I go for in anime. Space fisherman battling against giant underwater sea monsters in advanced mecha? How is it lately that some of the most interesting ideas are coming from smartphone games?
Premiering: October 4th, 2018.

RErideD: Derrida, who leaps through time: The story of a genius young engineer, RErideD follows Derrida Yvain, a man who discovered there was a fatal mistake in the programming of his company’s autonomous machines. Instead of telling his boss about the flaw, he ignores it in favor of going to his work friend’s daughter’s birthday party. The next day, both Derrida and is friend Nathan wind up on the run from mysterious assailants, and while Derrida escapes, he falls into a cold sleep apparatus and misses the next ten years. When Derrida awakens, the world is ruined by the robots who’ve gone out of control, and the only thing keeping him moving is a desire to protect his friend Nathan’s daughter, Mage.
Thoughts: This seems intense, but dystopian alternate futures don’t really grab me like that. Plus the general concept is hilarious. “Oh snap, these robots we’ve designed could totally go nuts.  I guess I should inform someone…but it can wait, right? I’ve got this birthday thing to go to later and I’m just completely checked out, work-wise.” That is the worst superhero origin ever, and I’m not entirely sure I’m here for a series with a premise that needs that much suspension of disbelief.
Premiering: October 4th.

Zombieland Saga: Believe it or not, this trailer is about all the information we have on Zombieland Mystery.  And apparently, that’s kind of the point.  Despite having secret screenings about the show, nothing’s leaked about it yet. Guess we’ll
Thoughts: I mean. It’s animated by MAPPA, one of the best animation studios in the game at the moment.  And CyGames has been legit since day one in video games and anime. That’s about all I have aside from a ninety second trailer which doesn’t seem to give much away at all.
Premiering: October 4th.

Gakuen Basara: A twist on the popular Sengoku Basara series, where the entire universe is reimagined and the cast is placed in high school, battling over who gets to become the new student council president.
Thoughts: Talk about unrealistic. No way most of these idiots could’ve even gotten in to high school. Still though, with animation courtesy of Brain’s Base and someone finally doing something with the Warring States Period that isn’t just a carbon copy clone, I’m willing to give it an episode.
Premiering: October 5th.

Bakumatsu: A young girl finds herself transported into the Bakumatsu era of Japan after being given a strange watch.  While trying to return home she meets someone else who’s also traveled through time, and a relationship begins to form between the two of them.
Thoughts: There have been so many stories set in this era, with similar art styles and costuming for the main cast that my eyes basically start to glaze over. They’re infusing a bit of romance in this one to make it stand out I guess, but even then I’d rather just pass in favor of Gakuen Basara actually. If we’re going to do Sengoku Basara era stuff, can it at least be set in the present?  Or even the future!  That’d be a twist worth revisiting this idea over.  As it stands, it feels like first person shooters and World War II–we get it man, but let’s do something else.
Premiering: October 5th.

The Next-Door Vampire: A young girl named Akari is saved by her neighbor, Sophie Twilight. Sophie happens to be a vampire, and instead of leaving her alone or trying to call the nearest Belmont, Akari decides to move in with Sophie. Because anime, Sophie doesn’t attack humans for sustenance, but instead buys her blood online and tries to be a normal girl.
Thoughts: Cute (vampire) (and human) girls doing cute things.  This is one of those shows that looks adorable, but I’d watch for five minutes and realize I’ve got a billion other things I should be catching up on instead. There’s no specific run time or episode count yet, but the manga’s only been around four years so I’d bet on a simple one cour series and maybe a season two if the series is a hit.
Premiering: October 5th, 2018.

Bloom Into You: After spending years obsessed with getting the kind of confession you read about in manga, when Yuu finally has a boy admit his feelings for her, she isn’t interested in the least.  Unsure of how to turn her suitor down, she later sees her student council president Nanami do so with the kind of poise that makes her ask Nanami for help. But then…Nanami confesses she’s in love with Yuu as well!  What happens next?
Thoughts: “Girl spends her life waiting on a guy to confess to her, realizes she’s a lesbian” seems like a plot point that should’ve happened a long time ago already. The art style is kinda basic but the animation is gorgeous, so this might be one of the stronger slice of life series of the season. I’m going to pretend like I have time for this in the early parts of the season but then start getting into keeping up with all the other series coming out this fall and have to drop it ’cause romance generally doesn’t hold my attention without appealing to me specifically.
Premiering: October 5th.

Hinomaru Zumou: At the Oodachi High School’s sumo club, a young boy named Ushio Hinomaru breaks all the rules of sumo in terms of size and weight–nonetheless, he works to put himself at the top…and take his club with him!
Thoughts: Something something, proud tradition of sumo.  That’s all cool, but sumo’s one of the few styles of fighting you can toss into an anime and I’m gonna bounce on.  Also, the main character is just absurdly buff, are you kidding me? Jeez can fat people have one freaking sport??  Sigh.  But yeah despite how great the theme is in that promo, I’m not in.  That said, the animation is looking noice thanks to the talented people over at Gonzo, plus this is a fairly popular shonen manga so I’m pretty sure it’ll take off over here.
Premiering: October 5th.
That’s going to do it for Part 1!  Check back soon for the second installment, featuring the return of some very popular series you’ll want to know about early!

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