NYCC 2018: A Minecraft Graphic Novel Is On The Way From Dark Horse

by Hannah Means Shannon

Ahead of New York Comic Con and MINECON Earth, Dark Horse have revealed a partnership with Mojang AB and Microsoft on a multi-project venture which will kick off with Minecraft Volume One.
Minecraft Volume One is the first officially licensed original graphic novel set in the world of Minecraft. Writer Sfé R. Monster (The Beyond Anthology, Seven Stories from the Sea), artist Sarah Graley (Kim Reaper: Vampire Island, Our Super Adventure), and letterer John J. Hill (Bedtime Games, Superman) will be working on the OGN.

Dark Horse President and Founder Mike Richardson says:

We are very excited at the prospect of bringing Minecraft to comics. The world of Minecraft is vast with countless stories to tell. We look forward to working with the great people at Mojang AB and Microsoft to bring these stories to its enormous fan base.

Dark Horse explains:

In Minecraft Volume One, everyday kid Tyler’s life is changed when his family moves away from the town he’s always known. Thankfully, Tyler has a strong group of friends forever linked in the world of Minecraft! Tyler, along with his friends Evan, Candace, Tobi, and Grace, have gone on countless adventures together across the expanses of the overworld and are in need of a new challenge. They decide to go on the Ultimate Quest—to travel to the End and face off against the ender dragon!

Minecraft Volume One goes on sale summer 2019 and is currently available for pre-order at, TFAW, and other retail locations. This 80-page graphic novel retails for $9.99.

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